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100% grassfed meat is a superfood. Sometimes called “land salmon,” referring to the healthy omega 3:6 profile that both foods share. Grassfed and finished lamb has the healthiest fatty acid/omega 3:6 profile of any commonly eaten land animal. It is also high in Vitamin B12 and B3, selenium, zinc, and protein. Lamb even has virtually no carbs and low calories. 40% of the fat in lamb is oleic acid, a monounsaturated fat, like that found in extra virgin olive oil.


Eat grassfed meat for the environment, if not for your health. Grasslands evolved with large herds of wild animals grazing and moving around constantly, therefore, they need that animal impact. These herds no longer exist, but we can mimic their effects with grazing animals, like sheep and cattle. Stock-piled forage from the absence of grazing animals is not only a fire danger, but it also prevents new growth. The animal impact of ruminants fertilizes the land and improves water infiltration and capacity, promoting soil fertility, diverse plants, and perennial species that can sequester carbon. Since we have been rotationally grazing our property, we have seen our biodiversity increase with more forage and wildlife, all contributing to a more resilient ecosystem.

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