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We raise Navajo-churro sheep. They are descendants of the first sheep ever brought to North America from Spain in the early 1500s. Through trading and other methods of the times, the Navajo people of the Southwest got their hands on these sheep and started raising them and growing their own flocks. The Churra sheep, as they were called in Spain, became their own breed over the last 450 years, shaped by the arid southwest environment and the Navajo people. The Navajo became a true shepherding culture when these sheep arrived and it has been ever since. The sheep became everything to their way of life. They lived off the meat, and created rugs and textiles for trade.


The Navajo-churro breed is well adapted to our dry climate. They are incredibly hardy sheep and they possess a lot of parasite and disease resistance. They can handle the heat and the cold, they are not picky eaters, and they are excellent mothers. Their hardiness and ability to survive on whatever forage is out there makes them ideal for our program, allowing us to use minimal supplements or medications. They live as sheep should live, on pasture 24/7/365. At the end of the day, however, what we like about them most is their beautiful multi-colored wool and phenomenal meat! It is sweet, not gamey, and low in fat.

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