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We take a holistic approach in making sure our animals thrive. We provide kelp, sea salt, and an organic sheep mineral, free choice at all times, to make sure they are getting all the nutrients and minerals they need. We use organic apple cider vinegar in their drinking water to aid in overall health and keep worms and parasites at bay. We use a variety of herbs and plants whenever an animal is sick or stressed. We never ever use antibiotics, chemical wormers, chemical fly spray, or anything of that nature. When we feed hay in the winter we buy local “no spray” alfalfa and dry farmed forage hay.


The most important thing we do to keep our animals and our rangeland healthy is our pasture management. We move our sheep to a new patch of grass every few days. Manure never builds up in one place too long, grass is not eaten down too low, and the sheep are never sleeping and eating in the dirt where parasites and worms tend to be. We are simultaneously building organic matter, putting down fertilizer, and thus improving our soil and pastures year after year. We are grass farmers first. If the soil is healthy, the grass is healthy, the sheep are healthy, the birds and wildlife are healthy, and so are we who eat the meat in the end.

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