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30 pounds of delicious, nutrient-dense 100% grassfed Navajo-churro lamb at a wholesale value. Individual cuts are double vacuum sealed fresh and flash frozen (fits in standard size freezers). Shipping available to all Western states (you will be contacted with cost, approx. $35/half lamb). 2-8 week lead time.

Expected to be available August/September
  • Whole Lamb Box Includes:

    - rack

    - leg roast

    - shanks

    And a variety of other cuts such as:

    - shoulder chops

    - sirloin chops

    - loin chops

    - riblets

    - neck

    - stew meat

    - ground


    Please specify if you would like organ meat (kidney, liver, heart)

    Free ranch pick up or delivery in San Luis Obispo County.

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